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Danijel Žeželj / Stanislav Habjan
Becycled Quotes
9 digital prints, 50x150 cm
Danijel Žeželj / Stanislav Habjan, Becycled Quotes
24. VIII - 3. IX. 2006.
"The graph of the bicycle's evolution shows a playful curve running up and down hills and through valleys, across a map of crossroads and dead end streets. It is a winding path that doesn't follow any particular logic or purpose and yet it arrives, at the very end, at this simple and brilliant invention. By applying the same principle and choosing emotion and premonition over reason and planning, the prints in "Becycled Quotes" bring together image and text, like two forgotten travelers who run into each other on a winding road. Our heroes are tapping in the dark, feeling the rough surface of the wall, listening for the screech of pedals, their arms stretched all the while like a sleepwalker's, balancing on the edge of light and shadow..."
"Becycled Quotes" are also available as a collection of prints (20 X 60 cm, silk screen in two colors, 30 signed copies) Petikat, Zagreb, 2006

Stanislav Habjan is the author of a number of conceptual art projects since 1983, combining writing, art and design. He has participated in art shows and happenings in Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia. Habjan is also the author of the books "An Impossible Variant" (1984) and "Interconfidential" (1999, with co-writer Boris Greiner). As a designer, he has created promotional materials for more than a hundred art projects, in Croatia and internationally. His posters were included in Graphis Poster Books for the years 1994, 1995, and 2004. He designed catalogues for the Croatian artists invited to the Venice Biennale in 1997, 2003 and 2005. In 1999, Habjan won the prize for graphic design at the 34th Zagreb Art Salon for his work as art director of the magazine "Nomad" (on issues 1 - 18), and for a series of posters entitled "Carnet." He collaborated with Danijel Zezelj, Jessica Lurie and Boris Greiner on the multimedia projects "Homo Volans," "Mayakovsky's Smile" and "Reflex", produced in Croatia and Italy. Habjan is one of the founders of the Petikat Workshop.
Danijel Žeželj is a graduate of the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts and author of 25 graphic novels and comic books. In 1993, his graphic novel Il Ritmo del Cuore ("The Rhythm of the Heart") was published by Editori del Grifo from Montepulciano, Italy, with a foreword by Federico Fellini. Zezelj moved to Seattle in 1995 and a few years later to New York, USA. His work has been shown in numerous art shows, and his illustrations have appeared in (and on the cover of) The New York Times Book Review, The Washington Chronicle, The San Francisco Guardian, Harper's, and several other publications. He is the author or co-author of a number of projects that combine art, performance, music and film. His most recent graphic novel "Stray Dogs" came out in 2005. It was published by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, USA, in a special edition and as part of his one man show at the Museum. Zezelj is one of the founders of the Petikat Workshop.
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